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2020 Flooring Trends

  • 2020 is the year of Scandinavian style minimalist homes, neutral colours and clean, fresh spaces. At ‘The Floor Store’, we are here to help you find the latest, greatest flooring trends that feel modern, yet will stand the test of time.

    We’ve put together a list of the top flooring trends of 2020, to help you make the right choice when it comes to flooring.

    With all of us spending significantly more time at home this year, 2020 has been the year of home improvements and DIY jobs, and one key feature of any room that can significantly improve the style, feel and space in a room is flooring.

    Key flooring trends that have emerged this year is allowing and wanting flooring imperfections in woods, such as mineral streaks and knots to serve as part of a rooms aesthetics to create a more natural feel. It was also a big year for faux flooring and either light or dark woods.

    Flooring Trends Overview

    Although flooring trends don’t change nearly as often as fashion or even other home decor, we are in a period of evolution thanks to advancing technologies which enables us to update our flooring at much more cost-effective prices than ever before. We can now do more than ever before with lookalike and low maintenance flooring options.

    Below, we have outlined the five top flooring trends of 2020, and just how fantastic they can make your space look.

    Top Five 2020 Flooring Trends:

    1. Real-Wood Flooring - This certainly isn’t a new trend for 2020. As vinyl flooring, laminate flooring and ceramic tile has been a popular flooring choice for years. However, this cost-effective flooring has been more popular than ever in recent years, taking the spot as the number one flooring trend for two years in a row. With no sign of slow down on the popularity of these floors, they are most definitely the top floor trend of the year. One of the most popular real-wood look vinyl at ‘The Floor Store’ is the Portland Oak Rigid Vinyl, a woodgrain texture vinyl blend of oaks and greys resulting in a stunning floor.

    2. Textured Flooring Blending old and new styles together that create texture and character is in. One particular style of flooring that has become increasingly popular is textured flooring. The mimicking of classic hardwood, with hand scraped, wire brushed and distressed floors in real wood flooring, laminate and more. Not everyone prefers the glossy brown stains of most wooden floors. The softer white-washed look of a bleached floor has become a popular choice for 2020. The ashy white-washed look with the natural wood grain still being visible from underneath has proven a popular choice, with ‘The Floor Stores’ Potters Grey Oak.

    3. Waterproof Flooring - For years, tile was one of the only waterproof flooring options available. However – the various options of waterproof vinyl, laminate and even carpet are a sure choice for new homeowners, families and pet owners. Giving homeowners the security of hardwearing and waterproof floors over traditional less sturdy floors.

    4. Blonde Flooring - Blonde flooring is in, this light wood flooring has been a popular choice this year, made more popular by the rise in Scandinavian home design. The key factors that make light flooring such a great choice, is that the light and airy colour. Helps to make rooms look bigger and brighten spaces from the ground up.  

    5. Herringbone Flooring – Adding a unique twist to one of the spaces in your home especially a hallway or a bathroom has become a popular way to diversify a space this year, as patterned wood layouts are now added to the list of 2020 stylish flooring options. Specifically. Popular are Chevron or Herringbone flooring pattern designs, check out the range of patterned floors right here at ‘The Floor Store’.

    We are one of the UK and Ireland’s largest stockist floors – and we always have great offers and deals on our products. We have showrooms in Belfast, Newtownabbey and Reading so if you can, drop-in and speak to our team of experts who are always on hand to offer help and advice when it comes to picking your perfect floor.